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Through-hole LEDs All TypesThrough-hole LEDs

Our small through-hole LEDs are perfect for custom projects, LED throwies, children's arts and crafts, and anywhere you could use a little bright colourful light. Most of these LEDs can be lit with our 3V Coin Cell Batteries.

You can always use through-hole LEDs for any project that needs small super bright light.

10mm LEDs
10mm LEDs - Diffused
We have 10mm through-hole LEDs available in diffused and clear lens types. These are used for throwies, crafts, and lanterns.
Flickering 5mm LEDs
Flickering LEDs
These 5mm LEDs flicker just like a real candle flame. Great for weddings, dinner parties, and other events by creating safe candles.
Colour Changing LEDs
Animated Colour Changing LEDs
Color changing LEDs are available in slow and fast speeds. These LEDs cycle through the RGB colors without the use of a controller.
8mm LEDs
8mm Through-Hole LED
Our 8mm LEDs are super bright and come awith clear lens. Useful for signal or status lights for televisions, telephones, computers, or circuit
5mm LEDs
LED Strips
We have many different types of 5mm LEDs. These come in all colours, lens types, and beam angles.
4.8mm Straw Hat LEDs
4.8mm Straw Hat LED
Our 4.8mm LED has a "Straw Hat" type lens with a very wide beam angle. Available in 8 different colours including pink and aqua!
3mm LEDs
4.8mm Straw Hat LED
Our 3mm LEDs come in lots of different colors including ultra violet!
1.8mm LEDs
1.8mm Through-Hole LED
Our super bright through-hole 1.8mm LEDs are the smallest LED we have. These are super bright for their size!
High Flux Pirahna LEDs
4 Pin High Flux Piranha LED
These high flux LEDs have 4 pins and are sometimes called Superflux LEDs or Pirahna LEDs. They are able to emit the maximum light with the lowest power consumption.
Oval LEDs
Oval Through-Hole LED
Oval LEDs are suitable for screens and indoor/outdoor display. Come with stopper and brass led frame.
High Power LEDs
Oval Through-Hole LED
Our high power solid state LEDs are primarly used in commercial, architectural, and professional settings or projects.
Infrared (IR) LEDs
Infrared (IR) Through-hole LEDs
Infrared LEDs are also used in the remote control units of many commercial products including televisions, DVD players, and other domestic appliances.
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