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LilyLEDs Provides LED Throwies For "Picture Day"

Scene from the movie Picture DayWe we're proud to supply the lights for the LED Throwie party scene in the movie Picture Day / (IMDB Page) during Toronto's International Film Festival.

We went to a screening last night and loved this coming of age movie about a quiet high school teen who falls for his past baby sitter as she goes for her victory lap in the same high school. A very well shot movie that I thought was well acted with great cinematography!

During the late night throwie our LED Throwies were thrown around Toronto, onto statues, subway cars, and every surface they stuck to.

Check out the page on their website for more about the LED Throwie Party in Picture Day.

Want to have your own throwie party? We sell throwie kits to make your own, 10 Peice Kit / 100 Peice Kit

LED Throwies White, Blue, Yellow, Red, GreenTo make your LED Throwies simply combine these 3 things, you can use tape or clips to keep them together.

  • 10mm LED
  • Lithium Coin Cell Battery
  • 10mm Rare Earth Magnet

Have any photos from your own LED Throwie party? We'd love to see em!


Watch The Trailer For Picture Day (2012)

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