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The Many Benefits of LED Lighting

The benefits of LEDs are huge, by switching to LEDs you save yourself three very important things; money, energy, and time. Switching to LEDs in your home or business is a huge step in saving energy and going green.

LEDs Pay For Themselves - Fast

LEDs have a R.O.I of about a year depending on use. A modern LED bulb can save you almost $2 a month and last up to 10 years. Buy less bulbs, use less energy, spend less money.

LEDs Use 80% Less Energy

Switching to LEDs can save your home or business up to 80% less energy. MR16 bulbs provide the most savings, but most of our LED bulbs use 75%+ less energy.

Just As Bright

LED lighting is now just as bright lighting times and can shine for you in any colour temperature including sunlight, warm white, cool white, and everything inbetween.

LEDs Last A LONG Time

LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours (or up to 20 years) while incandescent bulbs need to be replaced within one year. You save time and reduce maintenance costs.

LEDs Are Literally Cooler

LED lights generate much less heat than their incandescent rivals. In the hot summer months don't let your light bulbs make your home or business hotter, go with LEDs because they're cooler.

LEDs Can Emit Any Colour

A lot of our LED lighting products can emit any shade of any colour. Some can emit up to 16,000 colours!

Unlimited Options, Applications, and Colors

You can use LED lighting anywhere, its easy to install and you can customize the brightness, color, angle, and even add animations to certain products. Because it is so small and versatile, it can also be used in almost any product, custom project, or event.
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