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About Single LEDs - Through-Hole & Other Types

This page only contains information on Single LEDs, to buy Single LEDs, choose which type you want from the Single LEDs menu to the left. If you don't know which LED is right for your project, contact us!


  • Super bright output
  • Low power consumption
  • High reliability
  • Long life span
  • Low light decay


  • Any project that needs small but super bright light!
  • Through-panel circuit boards
  • Signal or status lights for Televisions, Telephones, Computers, circuit boards
  • Computer cases
  • Electronic Signs And Signals
  • Small area illumination
  • Back lighting

Sizes/Types/Colors Available

1.8mm LEDs - Smallest through-hole LEDs we sell.
Colors: White, Red, Blue, Green.

3mm LEDs - Small sized through-hole LED, available in the following colors
Colors: White, Warm White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Ultra Violet.

4.8mm LEDs - Small sized through-hole LED.
Types: Straw Hat
Colors: White, Warm White, Blue, Green, Red, Aqua, Pink.

5mm LEDs - Medium sized through-hole LEDs.
Types: InGaN, GaAlInP,

8mm LEDs - Larger sized through-hole LED with a clear lens.
Types: Clear Lens
White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

10mm LEDs - Largest through-hole LED we sell with a clear or diffused lens.
Types: Clear Lens, Diffused Lens, X-Type (less costly, shorter lasting LEDs)
Colors: White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

Oval LEDs

Flat Top LEDs

Photo Gallery:

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