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Replace your halogens with our G4 LED bulbs!About T8 LED Tubes

This page only contains information on LED Tubes, to buy LED Tubes, click here.

LED tubes are a bright, energy saving, long lasting replacement for tranditional fluorescent tubes. Our LED Tubes use 75% less energy, and last 50,000 hours (10x longer than fluorescent tubes). Our LED tubes are strong and use plastic instead of glass, and contain no mercury and phosphor like fluorescent tubes.

If you want to switch the lighting at your home or work place into energy effiecient "green" lighting, these are a good way to start.

After just 2 years, a tube pays for itself in energy cost savings.

Colors Available:

Warm White

This white gives off yellowish light that helps enrich the warm colours in your home, like wood. They are more suitable for lounges, hallways and bedrooms – areas where people relax.

Cool White

Cool White looks crisper under higher colour temperatures and appears more normal in high lighting level situations. As a matter of fact, cool white gives off a bluer light that improves our ability to see contrasts, making it ideal for work areas such as kitchens, laundries, workshops and offices (not to mention being great for reading lamps).


Daylight lamps appear to be cooler or bluer than normal lamps and are generally used for special applications only. These might be areas where high quality colour rendition is required where they may be mixed with a warm white lamp for this purpose, They may be used on their own such as in shop lighting when special effects are required or a ‘cool’ appearance is required in places of entertainment.


  • Reduce Power Consumption up to 80%
  • Brighter than tranditional fluorescent tubes
  • 50,000-80,000 hour life span
  • Easy installation
  • Strong long lasting shell, containing no glass
  • Low maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Safe and easy installation
  • Will never flicker or hum
  • Environmental friendly: no mercury, phospherous, gases, UV, or toxic substances
  • Low heat output


  • Hotel lighting
  • Hospital lighting
  • Factory lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Commercial lighting
  • Conference room lighting
  • Meeting room lighting
  • School, college, university lighting

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