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The Most Versatile Lighting In The World - LED Strips

White LED stripLED strip lights are an endless source of interior design ideas due to their wide range of colors, brightness, animations, and the ability to link together to provide light to any project.

Besides the numerous advantages of LED lights themselves, such as extremely low power consumption, very long lifespan, eco-friendliness, durability and the low cost of maintenance.

Under cabinet led strip example.LED strips are also perfect for task lighting and can be a replacement for fluorescent tubes.

Strip lights – unlike fluorescent tubes – can be dimmed too, and the beam of light deriving from a source can be strengthen by placing more than one lines next to each other.

Strip lights are great sources of any additional light, nearby the table or even within the reach of children.

From safety point of view, the strips are ideal since they operate at low voltage, and they are also available with silicone covering and high IP rating, protecting them from water.

LED Profile Strip embedded into wood.NEW! Dress Up Your LED Strips With LED Profiles

Our sleek LED Profile strips can dress up your LED strips in your home business. Each strip has a sleek and modern design, they can be embedded or surfaced mounted.

These are perfect for under cabinet lighting or display case lighting.

These can be embedded into wood or plastic or attach to the surface. There are many styles and lens options available,

We custom cut and manufacture each profile strip for your project.

LED Strip Features:

  • Available in waterproof, and can even light up under water.
  • Comes in over 10,000 colours available.
  • It can be cut every 5 centimeters (every 3 leds are cutable).
  • It is easy to install with 3M sticky back tape on the backside or a number of other ways.
  • Standard length is 5 meters per reel with 10-15 cm electric cable wire.
  • PCB Material: Flexible copper, PCB color is golden, white or blank is available.
  • 50,000 hour life span.

Applications - Where You Can Use LED Strips:

  • Commercial and residential decoration
  • Under-counter lighting
  • Media illumination
  • Large area backlighting
  • Small to medium channel letters
  • Point-of-sale displays
  • Neon replacement

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