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High Flux (Piranha) LEDs

High Flux LEDs, sometimes called Superflux LEDs or Pirahna LEDs are able to emit the maximum light with the lowest power consumption, more than traditional LEDs. 4 pins holds the LED in place very well, even in the rigorous situations such as vibrations or collisions. The temperature rise at the LED junction is only half compared to traditional LEDs. High Flux LEDs are suitable for high performance applications where low thermal resistance is a must.

For more information on High Flux LEDs and what you can use them for, click here.


  • Colors available: White, Warm White, Red, Blue, Green, Violet, Yellow, Aqua
  • Very compact
  • Low power consumption
  • 50,000 hour lifespan
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Low thermal resistance


  • Mounting on PCB
  • Mounting on boards or panels
  • Automobile lighting
  • Turn signal bulbs
  • Electronic signs
  • Signboards
  • Backlighting
LED Task Light For Under Cabinet / Display CasesLED Task Light For Under Cabinet / Display Cases

Product Name & PictureAvailable ColorsPrice
High Flux (Piranha) LED - 4 Pin
Extra high flux, extra high radiant power and intensity
Warm WhiteWarm White
Cool WhiteCool White
RGB High Flux (Piranha) LED - 4 Pin - CREE/HP Chips
This very bright RGB LED can produce a full range
Wattage: Red 625nm, Green 525nm, Blue 460nm
High Flux (Piranha) LED - 4 Pin - CREE Chip
Extra high flux, extra high radiant power and intensity
Cool WhiteCool White
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