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LED Accessories

Product Name & PictureAvailable ColorsPrice
LED Dimmer & Remote
With advanced Pulse Width Modulation difital dimming
Voltage: DC 12-24V
In-Line LED Dimmer - 12V - Low Voltage
DC 12V, 5.5x2.1mm Barrel Connectors
Heat Shrink Tubing
We will send suitable quantity, sizes and colors to
2 Pin Waterproof Connector Set - 3A
Tinned ends for easy soldering.
5.5 x 2.1mm Barrel Waterproof Connector Set - 12V - 3A
Suitable for single color LED Strips, Power LEDs,
4-Pin RGB Connector - Waterproof
Waterproof 2 piece (male/female) 4-Pin RGB Connectors
LED Dimmer - 8 Amp - 12v
This LED Dimmer is made for LEDs and is perfect
Heatsink For 5W/10W LEDs
- 100% Cu, great heat-draining capability

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