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LED Paper Lanterns

LED Paper Lanterns are are a new and very unique product! Each lantern is made using our kit in a few seconds, they are re-usable and can be customized to be any size paper. Print designs or text on the paper for a unique low cost sign or lantern, use the magnet to attach them to a metal surface.


  • Bright, unique, re-usable
  • Use any size, type of paper
  • Print your own designs or text
  • Use any colour of LED


  • Weddings
  • Events
  • Parties
  • Dinner Seating Signs
  • Children's Arts & Crafts
LED Task Light For Under Cabinet / Display Cases

Product Name & PictureAvailable ColorsPrice
LED Paper Lantern Assembly Components
Includes all the components, sans paper, to make these elegant lanterns.
Warm WhiteWarm White
Cool WhiteCool White
Flickering Candle LEDs Paper Lantern Kit
These Lanterns flicker like a real candle flame, this kit includes everything to make your own!
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