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LED Paper Lantern Assembly Components

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Our LED Paper Lantern kits are a pleasent accent or decor light with unlimited possibilities. The lanterns are easy to create and you can use any color light, or even add a second and third color. Choose any design on any translucent material.

This LED Lantern kit includes 1 LED (in the color of your choice) and 1 CR2032 battery, along with our unique and simple assembly components,  instructions and support. These lanterns can be attached to any vertical plane, or sit on a surface.

Note: You provide the adhesive tape, the paper and printing. You can use any size, color, or type of paper, be creative!


  • Adds atmosphere
  • Super simple construction
  • Really affordable
  • Totally customizable
  • Stays lit up to a week!
  • Super bright
  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Totally customizable, any print on any paper!


  • Wall Decor
  • Night light
  • Children's craft
  • Table decor
  • Table centerpiece
  • Dinner table name cards
  • Name cards
  • Advertisements
  • Temporary signage
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