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100 LED Throwies Kit - Make Your Own - Any Color Combination

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This LED Throwie Kit contains enough components to make 100 LED Throwies yourself. This kit comes with:

  • 100x 10mm Diffused LEDs (Any mix of colors, or all 1 color)
  • 100x 10mm x 2mm Powerful Rare Earth Magnets
  • 100x CR2032 Coin Cell Batteries

To make an LED Throwie, simply use tape (not included) to attach the LED and the Magnet to the Coin Cell Battery. Once lit, these LED throwies will stay lit for up for up to 7 days brightly lit, and stay lit for up to 2 weeks!

NOTE: We are recommending to battery buyers - to handle the batteries in a way that they do not come in contact with each other when transporting or storing them, as they may short circuit and lose their power quickly. Please save the trays, or, the batteries could be rolled into a length of 3/4" masking tape, to be used again. Expired batteries can be disposed of in plastic bags at many hardware retailers. Please dispose of the batteries correctly.
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