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CR2032 Coin Cell Battery - 3v - 225 mAh


CR2032 battery is a standard coin cell battery rated at 3.0 volts and 225 mAh.

These CR2032 batteries commonly used in LED throwies, electronics, graphic calculators, clocks, toys, laser pointers, and any products with small LEDs.

These batteries are not rechargeable.

A single battery can keep one of our 10mm LEDs really bright for up to 2 days, and keep it lit for over a week!

Battery Recycling:

We are recommending to battery buyers - to handle the batteries in a way that they do not come in contact with each other when transporting or storing them, as they may short circuit and lose their energy quickly. Please save the trays, or, after use, the batteries could be rolled into a length of 3/4" masking tape and used for another event. These batteries are recyclable and not rechargeable, many shops that replace watch and hearing aid batteries will accept your batteries for recycling at no charge. Check with a jeweler, watchmaker, or volume retailer like Best Buy, Future Shop, Radio Shack or Home Depot

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